Cloud Applications. Simple. Boom. Done.

Easily develop, deploy, and manage applications for any cloud.

Pick Your Boxes

Boxes are fully configured application components made available as a service. They enable a simplified and modular application development process.

Stack Your Boxes

Stack your boxes to create a multi-tier application architecture. It's that simple.

Deploy Applications

Deploy your applications on any cloud. Seamlessly move applications between clouds — public and private — and nothing will break.

Boom. Application Deployed.

Try For Yourself

Why ElasticBox

Imagine a world where application development and management is a seamless process. That world is ElasticBox.

Use The Tools You Trust

Manage all your app configurations, dependencies and variables using the tools you trust. Use ElasticBox to maintain your CM scripts (Chef, Docker, Puppet) or standard scripting languages (Bash, PowerShell).

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Pick a Cloud, Any Cloud

Build public, private, and hybrid environments on AWS, RackSpace, HP Cloud, Google Compute and VMware. Use cloud-specific services such as storage, databases, load balancers, and auto-scaling.

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Collaborate And Innovate

Collaborate with teams or individual developers to get your applications to production faster. Detailed collaboration and permission options mean you can work together, in a secure manner.

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For Enterprises

ElasticBox is all you need to innovate rapidly as an enterprise. Give your developers the tools they need to build applications and give IT operations the platform they need to deploy and manage those applications in any cloud.

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